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Introduction to Mindfulness Classes
Wednesday at 7:15 pm
Thursday at 1:30 pm
Two NEW 6-week classess starting Feb 1 & 2. Cost $180 each or $250 per couple. For more info 215-370-1626 or

Our New Location
7002 Camp Hill Road
Ft Washington PA 19034

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New Year  ~  New Location
JacquieHappy New year to all! I ended the year 2016 packing up our old office and began 2017 moving the Center for Mindfulness & Wellness into our new space at St.Thomas Episcopal Church Campus in Whitemarsh. I am so excited to be in this new beautiful space. It has wonderful light, huge windows. lots of space both indoors and out. Jesse Frechette and I are working to make this space feel just as cozy and welcoming as our previous work home. We look forward to having a Gratitude celebration sometime in March to honor the beauty of this work and the new space. Special thanks to Brendan, Addie, Jack, Ellie, Jim Doran and Jesse for helping pack/carry many boxes, spackling, etc.
Warmly, Jacquie
(Click here to see directions and a map to our new location)

Coming Soon . . .
  • More classes in our beautiful new space
  • 30-Minute Meditation on Saturday mornings
  • Grand Opening and Gratitude Celebration for our new space!
  • In the new year the following schools will be participating in Project Mindful CARES (Creating Aware Resilient Empathic Students): Fort Washington Elementary, Thomas Fitzwater Elementary, The Montessori School in Dresher and Springfield Middle School!

How to Have a Mindful New Year
"The New Year is a wonderful time to redouble our commitment to mindfulness. Yet even as we set goals, it's important to be aware of any self-judging. Are the merciless standards of perfectionism just waiting to clamp down? Or can we combine commitment to practice with kindness toward ourselves?" — Sharon Salzberg, author of "Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation"

+ Begin the day by taking a few minutes to just breathe, before checking emails, social media and news.

+ Set aside short periods, between five and 15 minutes each day, where your intention is simply to be more mindful.

+ Pay attention to the present moment in a gentle, accepting way. It can be while you are walking, sitting or lying down.

+ Have fun with your mindfulness practice. Pick one quick activity you do each day — drinking a cup of tea, washing a few dishes, brushing your teeth.

+ As you do each activity, pay close attention to the sensations in your body. Instead of simply going through the motions, notice what thoughts and emotions come up. And if your mind wanders, just note that and return to the present moment.

+ See if you can make the activity a mindfulness exercise for a week. Feel what's happening in your body and simply enjoy the activity.

How Self-Compassion Can
Help Teens De-stress

In a 2014 national survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, 31 percent of adolescents aged 13 to 17 said that their stress increased in the previous year, and 42 percent said they were not doing enough to manage their stress. Adolescents who experience frequent stress are more prone to depression and perform worse in school.

How can teens foster emotional well-being during this often-turbulent time of life?

Many teens turn to external sources - friends, family, hobbies. But what if they could turn inward and find support from within as well? In a recent study published in the Journal of Adolescence, Dr. Brian Galla of the University of Pittsburgh found that mindfulness training can reduce stress and support health and well-being in teenagers.

In his study, conducted in summer 2013, 132 teens participated in a five-day mindfulness retreat by Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (where I am executive director). The retreat was designed to cultivate mindfulness, loving-kindness, and other positive mental and emotional capacities such as self-compassion and gratitude.